Challenge, Fun, and Beauty

We all know that we human beings have a deep longing for more than just the practical necessities of life.  We all need the basics to survive, but once we are surviving, we crave challenge, fun, and beauty.

We don’t want to just consume food, we want to go to Yamagoya and eat beautiful sushi.  We don’t want to just make our hearts strong through exercise, we want to have the fun of mountain biking.  We don’t just want our home to be clean, we want art on the walls to inspire us.

And, we don’t want our bodies to just cook, clean, and work – we want them to be beautiful.

That is what boudoir is all about.  It is about stepping out of our practical selves and into our beautiful selves.  It is challenging, fun and inspiring.

Thanks so much to Ms. C for letting us show her beautiful photos.  We hope they inspire you!


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