Chantel and Trillium Day Spa

When you put yourself into the literal hands of a stranger, you want to feel comfortable, relaxed, and normal.  When you go to a spa, you don’t want to be thinking, “She’s going to think I never wash my face” or “I am probably the hairiest woman she’s ever waxed.”  We become very vulnerable when someone gives us a massage, a facial, or a bikini wax.  Because of that, the individuals who work in the spa industry tend to be gentle, inconspicuous, discreet, and calming.  In a culture like ours, where we celebrate verbose, larger-than-life personalities, a profession in which you must become a servant is very unusual.  I am struck, however, by the power there is in caring for people without the need to be noticed in the process.  I think it is a high calling.

I had the chance meet Chantel Belanger, owner of Trillium Day Spa, by doing a Decoro shoot with her.  Even in a setting like the studio where she was new to the experience and to us, she was a very calming influence.  She had a quiet self-confidence that allowed her to trust us, and to relax into the photographs.  I could tell that I would have no qualms about trusting her in a spa situation.  It is clear that her “job” is truly a vocation and that she lives what she works – and does it successfully.

We are so glad to be working with Chantel on a couple of business partnerships in the next little while (watch our Facebook Page for an upcoming Valentine’s Day special).  I am also pleased that Chantel has allowed us to show some of her photos here.  I really hope you will check out Trillium Day Spa – especially if you are coming in for a Decoro shoot soon!

Chantel Trillium Decoro Glamour 01

Chantel Trillium Decoro Glamour 02

Chantel Trillium Decoro Glamour 03

Chantel Trillium Decoro Glamour 04

Chantel Trillium Decoro Glamour 05

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