Go Get It!

Don’t you love stories about people who know what they want and then go and get it?  I find people like that so inspiring.  I love that they can identify something they are passionate about.  I love that they can have the confidence to say, “I can do that.”  And, I love that they can weather the storms and leap over the hurdles that they encounter along the way.  That is so incredible – and hopeful!

This month’s client is one of those people.  She is only in her twenties, and she owns and operates a successful salon in Kimberley.  I was struck right away by her confidence.  Because she is so personally centered, she was able to put aside difficulties in her life to be present, to trust our process, and to believe in her own beauty and value.  The resulting photographs are absolutely beautiful.

Here are some of our favorites.  Thanks so much to J for letting us share them!

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