It’s Fall – Happy New Year!

September, not January, is the beginning of the year for me.  From grade school, to university, and then back to school as a teacher, I have always begun a new year in the fall.  This is the first year in about 25 years that I am not returning to school in some way, but I still feel excited.  Even though I will be continuing my life as usual, it’s like I can’t shake the rhythm of all those years of “back to school”.  Everything seems new and fresh.  The mornings are getting crisp, people are back in town after being at the lake most of the summer, and we are rested and ready to get back to work.

Now, I know Kevan would protest at the “getting back to work” bit as he has been busy with weddings all summer, but the studio is anticipating a shift in our rhythms nonetheless.  We have several new projects to launch, and we are really excited about them. Ashlee-Bryan-Portraits-025

Girls’ Day Out/Stagette

On the top of our list is the development of our new “Girls’ Day Out/Stagette” package.  We are looking forward to hosting groups of 5-10 women for a day of makeovers, glamour photos and food – a day that can easily be turned into an fun evening too.  This experience includes some fun freebies for the ladies of honour too, so it’s the perfect answer to the question, “What should we do for her stagette/birthday/baby shower?”

Photos for Christmas

For those of you who are super organized and are already thinking about Christmas, now is the time to have some beautiful photos taken for someone you love.  You are, after all, still tanned and fit from the summer, so why not?  You could also bring your family in at the end of your glamour shoot for some Christmas card photos – I am all about killing two birds with one stone, aren’t you?

The Lingerie Shoot

While you’re still feeling great from the summer, you also may want to consider doing the lingerie shoot you’ve always wanted to do.  This is a really fun experience, and will yield a beautiful collection of photos for your significant other’s Christmas present!  See the previous blog post for more info on that.

Fall Fashion Shoot

Lastly, we are super duper pumped about doing a fall fashion shoot in the great outdoors.  I’m thinking big hair, gold makeup and a dress of autumn leaves.  If you have a vision for this dress and want to help out, I would be thrilled to have your input.

As you launch into your fall, I wish you best of luck surviving the busyness.  You will probably need a point on the horizon to aim for as things get really crazy, so consider booking your Decoro session – it’ll be a fun reprieve!

For more info on any of the projects I’ve mentioned, give me a call or send me an email.  Happy “back to school” everyone!




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