Makeup – Enhancing what you already have

Our studio is located in beautiful Fernie, British Columbia.  For those of you who have never been here, let me just say that Fernie is an “outdoorsy” town.  Many of our local clients tell us that their nice clothing has sat unused in their closets since moving to Fernie, and that though they used to wear makeup, they hardly ever have reason to anymore.  We definitely take comfort and pragmatism to the extreme here.

Now, don’t get me wrong.  I fit in the above category too.  In fact, I was at a local coffee shop a couple of weeks ago with my kids after a run, and a friend of ours saw me and said, “You’re looking very, I don’t know, hippieish…”.  After he trailed off awkwardly I said, “Yeah, I look rough, I know.  I just went for a run.”  He then actually quoted our Decoro tag line to me: “Decoro – book your transformation today”, or something to that effect.  Ouch.

Some of our critics would take issue with my reaction to that.  Why shouldn’t my makeup-less self be beautiful enough?  Why should I need a “transformation”?  Well, I’ve done a lot of thinking on this (because I was among those critics at the beginning), and I’ve come to a conclusion: the transformation is fun, and we all like it.  Sounds simplistic, doesn’t it?  I don’t need the transformation – I am indeed good enough without it – but it is fun to change our perspectives and our perceptions.  Isn’t that what art is all about?

Obviously I don’t believe that women need to wear makeup all the time, but I also don’t believe that makeup is bad.  Yes, it alters our looks, but only insofar as it enhances what we already have.  We definitely shouldn’t have to strive to emulate magazine covers (which I’m sure you all know are extremely altered in photoshop), but we shouldn’t be doomed to tired eyes and pallid complexions.  There is a balance, and in that balance, we can draw out and celebrate our real beauty.

Before we started Decoro, I didn’t have the first clue about makeup and hair, and I certainly didn’t think I would ever be involved in the business that way.  A variety of circumstances has given me the opportunity to learn a ton of stuff about makeup, and I thought I would share a resource that has helped me a great deal.

My absolute favorite resource for makeup is “Pixiwoo.com”.  Sam and Nic, the sister makeup artist duo from the UK, are intelligent, concise, and effective teachers.  Three videos that I highly recommend are “How to wear bronzer and blusher”, “Prom makeup Victoria’s Secret’s style”, and “Kim Kardashian, seriously smoky eyes”.  All of Pixiwoo’s videos are wonderful, though, so don’t stop there!  If there’s one thing I have taken away from Pixiwoo,  it’s that makeup is an art, and those who apply it well truly are artists.

If you have any makeup and hair resources that you love, please share them in the comments below.


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