Sometimes I lose sight of important things.  I lament the dirty feet on my newly cleaned floor; I say no to going to the park because I need to finish something for work; I get annoyed at my six year old’s practical joke instead of enjoying her cleverness (or at least her attempt at it).  Sometimes, efficiency and a frictionless existence are my aims – instead of moments filled with relationships and beauty.

I need things in my life that slow me down and refocus me.  The book that opens my heart to new ways of doing things; my child’s fascination with nail polish; a carefully planned and cooked meal; a photograph that evokes joy.  I forget that those are the things that make moments relevant and weighty – and that the efficiencies are just the roads that transport me between beautiful experiences.

We always hope that the photographs we create are in that “weighty and relevant” compartment of people’s lives.  To create something beautiful, and to to inspire – those are our goals, our joy, and our relevant moments.

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