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Caleigh's Before and After
Caleigh’s Before and After

Our studio is located across the hall from a popular bistro.  The walls of the building are thin enough that before people enter the bistro, we can hear everything they are saying.  Eavesdropping can be dangerous, but very entertaining.  We also learn a lot about the way people perceive our business.

The funniest exchange we’ve heard lately was in reference to a poster we had on our door advertising our business launch party.  On the poster was a variety of images we had created for several women in town.  The conversation went like this:

Guy: “See that girl in the bathing suit?”

Girl: Yeah.

Guy: That’s Alisha.

Girl: No way.

Guy: For real.  Take a closer look.

Girl: It totally is.  Whoa.

One of our friends was out with a bunch of co-workers a little while ago and they were talking about Decoro.  Our friend took out the latest copy of “The Fernie Fix”, the local magazine, and showed everyone our ads.  When our friend told them who the models in the pictures were, someone said, “Really?  I thought those were stock photos of professional models”.  Besides being a little disturbing (what photography business uses stock photos to advertise their own work?), it spoke to the transformative power of the photographs.

Everyone loves the story of transformation.  Think about some of our favorite movies: My Fair Lady, The Princess Diaries, Cinderella, heck even Star Wars.  All of those movies are about magnificent transformations.  We love watching the ordinary become the extraordinary.

That’s what we do.  The conversation we overheard is the same exchange every single one of our clients experiences after one of our shoots.  “That’s you?!  You look amazing!  Whoa.”

Everyone likes seeing the transformation, and everyone likes being transformed.

“That’s you?! Whoa.”

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