Winners for “I am not photogenic” Contest

We had the great opportunity to do a photo shoot with Kelsey and Dawn Voysey this past month. If you have read our blog, you will know that Kelsey and Dawn won our “I am not photogenic” blog contest. The prize they won was a free makeover and photo shoot, as well as a feature blog post about the Voysey ladies and their Decoro experience.

As part of the contest requirements, Kelsey sent a really fun picture of herself and her parents, and shared this about the photo:


“The picture I attached was taken in Waterton with my parents last June. It was the third day in of hiking with no showers, and we were all pretty gross. We were on top of the Bear’s Hump when it was taken, and it was so windy that we could lean into the wind and be completely held up by it. We were having so much fun running around, trying not to get blown off the mountain. We were laughing and yelling and having a great time! And even though we’re all a mess and definitely not considered “put together,” I love that photo.”

I was really moved by what she wrote because I think it gives a refreshing perspective on beauty. When we look at the people we love in photos, we look at their facial expressions and the energy of the photo. If we were part of the experience in the photograph, we think back to what we were doing. If we weren’t there, we tend to imagine the scene as though we were a part of it. At the end of the day, beauty exists where joy does.

Here are some photos from Kelsey and Dawn’s shoot. We had a great time getting to know them better, and I think they had fun too!