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What is Boudoir?

Boudoir photography focuses on a woman’s sensuality, femininity and strength.

Through her boudoir photos, a woman sees her own beauty and is empowered to release her insecurities and self-criticism. A boudoir session with Decoro will transform how you see yourself and will inspire you to live confidently in the world.

Client Testimonials

Testimonial Tammy
Testimonial Shauna
Testimonial Randi

I had my shoot with Leah and Kevan just over a month ago and have since been reflecting on the entire experience and how to possibly articulate it. To say that it was amazing is an understatement. Like many of the beautiful woman I see on here that post their reviews, I was hesitant to do the shoot as well. The image I had of myself was far from beautiful. It took me my 3rd attempt at this, after having 3 kids and on my 33rd birthday to finally just do it. I can't tell you how happy I am that I did. Leah and Kevan are welcoming, kind, encouraging and unbelievably talented. I want to thank you both for this experience. For allowing me to feel beautiful and deserving and see myself in a completely different light. For giving me an experience and photos that I can look back on when I need to remind myself that I'm not the woman I built myself up to be in my head. Most importantly thank you for changing my mind set and giving me confidence going forward in life.

Kevan & Leah,

It has been a couple of days since I met with you and picked my beautiful photos, and I am still in awe.

The entire process from the initial email messages to the reveal ~ you came across as kind, sincere and professional.

The photoshoot was a pivotal part of my journey, and helped me in more ways than you could ever imagine~ juggling work and home~dealing with the huge changes my family have had to endure the past 1.5 years , this experience has given me a different view of myself. I did it to liberate myself and show other women who may be going through a traumatic time in life that you will come out the other side. Strong and fierce!!

We live such a short life, I am going to take it and live it to my absolute fullest every day that is given to me. I have become a brave, strong beautiful woman because of all the scars of life~ and I am going to show them with pride.

Thank you so much for showing me the beauty I could never see.

Over the years I have seen the beautiful work of Decoro, witnessed their involvement in community and watched them evolve into a company that values the beauty of women and strives to show every women that her beauty on the outside matches her beauty on the inside.

Turning 50 was a milestone for me, an age to be embraced and not feared. I felt there was no better way to celebrate me than with a boudoir shoot.

Kevan and Leah are professional, calming, honest and have the upmost integrity. Their sincerity towards their work is felt from the moment you walk in the door until the presentation of your photos.



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All of our sessions include professional makeup and hair styling (a loose curl).

Our Process is Confidence-Building

From start to finish, we've got you covered. Here's our process:

1. Initial call to learn more, discuss wardrobe, and pick a session date;

2. Regular emails containing tips and encouragement as you prepare for your shoot;

3. Hair and makeup styling the morning of your shoot;

3. Detailed posing instructions while we are shooting (get ready to booty pop!);

4. Custom Ordering Appointment to assist you in choosing your favourite images and how to display them.

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Leah & Kev,

I wanted to take a moment and say thank you, from the bottom of my heart!

From the moment I booked with you, until the day of the shoot, my nerves were going crazy! But to my surprise, as soon as I took my first step through you door, it turned from being nervous to comfort. The level of professionalism, the humor that is shared and the fact that you both are just all around great people made the experience!

I will never forget the day I seen my photos for the first time. It is absolutely seeing yourself in a new light. Kev, you have this magical ability to bring out self confidence. To make each and every person feel beautiful.

Thank you both for everything. I will forever be grateful to have met you both and to have had this experience 📷

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About Us

Kevan and Leah Wilkie

Decoro Portraits is a husband and wife team. We, Kevan and Leah, have been married for 17 years and have three kids aged 11, 9 and 6. We both started our careers as teachers, but Kevan moved into full-time photography after only 2 years of teaching. Beginning with wedding photography as a hobby, Kevan decided to quit teaching and start a full-time wedding photography business in 2007. 6:8 Photography grew quickly and Kevan (and his business parter at the time) shot over 30 weddings in the first summer. After that, wedding photography was a full-time, singular endeavour for several years.

Meanwhile, Leah continued working in Education until our second child was born in 2012. During her Maternity Leave, we started Decoro Portraits, a studio focusing primarily on women’s portraiture. Soon after opening the studio, we were asked by a client to do a boudoir shoot and from that point on, boudoir became our primary genre focus.

For the last 9 years, we have been working full-time offering fun, uplifting, and confidence-building boudoir photography sessions. Leah takes care of much of the marketing, client prep, hair and makeup, assisting in sessions, and sales. Kevan still shoots weddings under the 6:8 Photography brand as well as all the portrait work with Decoro. His creativity and drive is constantly pushing our business to new levels. It’s always exciting to see where he’ll take us next in our life adventure together!

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