5 Myths about Boudoir

Over the 5 and a half years that we have been shooting boudoir, we have come across a few myths that prevent or delay women booking a shoot.  Today, we debunk them!

  1. Myth: I will have to “act sexy” for complete strangers – I don’t think I can do that.

At no point in a Decoro boudoir shoot will we expect or encourage you to act like you are in an intimate situation.  Intimacy is for you and your partner – our job is to take beautiful, elegant, tasteful photographs.  The process of shooting is fun (we spend a lot of time laughing), fast-paced, silly, direct, and comfortable.  You will spend most of your time holding physically challenging poses while trying to keep your face calm.  It is a really low-key experience, and we can put you in touch with former clients who can tell you about their experiences.

     2. Myth: Some women are photogenic – I am not.

We have photographed hundreds of women – of all shapes, sizes, and ages.  We know how to pose you to create feminine curves and bodylines, to reduce double-chins, to hide scars and stretch marks, to lengthen legs, and to tuck tummies.  Of course, we are not making you into a new person, so you have to approach the experience with grace for yourself and a readiness to love yourself for who you are.  If you come in with that attitude, you will love your photographs.

     3. Myth: Boudoir is for “girly girls”.

If you’re not used to being overly feminine, boudoir can seem like a bit of a stretch for you.  However, boudoir doesn’t have to be just about lacey bodysuits, and frilly nighties.  We can capture the sexy athletic you, and the edgy tattooed you, the plaid shirt and cowboy boots you.  You may also want to push out of your comfort zone, and be girlier than you normally are.  Bottomline, however you choose to be feminine is perfect for boudoir!

    4. Myth: Boudoir is for women under 40 – I am too old.

Being a woman doesn’t end when you turn 40 or 50 or 100.  Often, the most confident women are the ones who have seen some life, and being sexy is all about confidence.  So, bring in your laugh lines, stretch marks and grey hair – we want to photograph the beautiful woman you are right now.

    5. Myth: I should be in the best shape possible before I come in for a shoot.

Let’s be honest with ourselves: we women are never in “best shape possible”.  We are never 100% the way we want to be.  At some point, we just have to take stock of and learn to love and accept what we really are – especially because that person is always changing.  Why not take the time to capture the current version?

The photos I have chosen to post for today are of an absolutely beautiful woman who is a mother, a journeyman electrician, a downhill biker, and a resilient human being.  Photographing her was a really fun time for us.  Our thanks go out to her for allowing us to share some of her images!

Feeling like now is the time for your boudoir session?

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