A more complete human

If you are lucky, you will grow old. It’s super hard to remember that in the land of eternal youth, where hair dye, eyelash extensions, botox and plastic surgery are our weapons of choice against “the enemy”, otherwise known as “maturity”.

The thing is, the glowy, fresh beauty of youth is only one type of beauty. It is amazing, don’t get me wrong – we are all inspired by it. But it is not the only way to be beautiful.

There is something absolutely amazing about what experience, sacrifice, joy and suffering bring to a person. Think about it: if you are 30, you could probably agree that you are a more complete human now than when you were 20. And that becomes more true as the years and decades pass.

That may mean that you have more lines, stretch marks, cellulite, and gray hairs than you used to, but those are all hard-earned expressions that you have lived in the world and have survived it so far. Your body tells the story of your life, and it should be celebrated.

The beautiful woman in this post turned 50 this year. She has seen a lot of life and a lot of changes. Through it all, she has stayed connected to the person she is, and has made choices to intentionally celebrate the passing of time.

Thank you so much to S for allowing us to share her beautiful images, and to celebrate this landmark with her!

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