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Who is Decoro Portraits?

From the very beginning, Decoro Portraits has been the husband and wife team of Kevan and Leah Wilkie. We both started our working lives as teachers, but photography and the lure of owning his own business tempted Kevan away from teaching in 2007, when he began is wedding photography business, 6:8 Photography.

In 2013, after the birth of our second child, we started a women’s portrait studio together. We had intended to do glamour-style photography but the requests for boudoir soon dominated our studio work. We now specialize primarily in boudoir, while Kevan also continues to shoot weddings.

Leah’s role in the studio includes marketing, client prep, hair and make-up, studio assistant, and sales. We make a great team, creating a shooting environment that is safe, fun and comfortable, which then translates into empowering and beautiful photographs.

As of right now, we have worked with hundreds of women, providing them the opportunity to see themselves differently and to embrace who they are. Our belief is that all women are worthy of notice and celebration, and that boudoir photography can be a creative and powerful way for women to believe that about themselves.

Our studio is located in Fernie, BC, where we raise our three kids and enjoy all the beautiful things the Kootenays have to offer!



Our Values

We believe that every woman is unique, valuable and beautiful. The goal of each photoshoot is to give a woman the chance to see herself through someone else's eyes. We value elegance, fun and self-expression. We want each person to leave our studio with more confidence in who she is right now.


We as women, living in this world as we know it today, giving ourselves to our families, children, work, friends in a more masculine energy, we tend to forget our feminine side - the side we don’t get to see very often. But at Decoro, Leah & Kevan help each of us find this side in their talent. Once you step foot through their door & even before, they are there with so much support and love that you forget what you do on a daily basis. Not only are they professionals at what they do, but they are so very kind and make you feel welcome, accepted and most of all so very beautiful. They bring you through the process of picking the perfect outfits, to hair & makeup, shooting different set-ups and helping you pick the perfect photos to remember. This was my second shoot and it was as memorable as the first. Their talent is remarkable! Thank you again Leah & Kevan for the most beautiful day and letting me flow back into that feminine energy and reminding me of my own beauty. ~ K, Decoro Client

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