All the things that matter

There is never a convenient time to do the things in life that matter.  Have you ever noticed that?  If you’ve ever planned a wedding or tried to decide when you should have children, you know that the “perfect” time doesn’t exist.  

This is true for the daily important things too. I can always find time to watch Offspring on Netflix, but it’s rarely the “right” time to write in my journal or call my grandmother or read a Dostoevsky novel.  The important things can’t be put on a list along with cleaning your bathroom or packing your kids’ lunches.  They classify as non-urgent and important – hard to make yourself do and easy to regret not doing.

I was reminded in a podcast yesterday that in the battle for our lives, time WILL defeat us.  That’s not a pessimistic way of looking at life – it’s the truth.  Remembering that life is limited takes all the important things in the non-urgent and important list and makes them urgent and important.  It forces you to sort your priorities and take control over the things that are in your control.  It makes you define the perfect time instead of waiting for it to just magically appear.

I hope in 2021, you create the perfect times for all the important and meaningful things in your life.  I’d be thrilled if a boudoir shoot with us was one of those experiences, and if not, I wish you joy and success in all the things that matter just the same!

I am delighted to bring you a beautiful shoot we did back in the summer.  Occasionally I meet someone who exudes sensuality naturally and effortlessly, and this gorgeous lady is one of those people. 

The last two photos in the post were done outside, back in the days when there wasn’t any snow.  At this point in the winter, I start thinking about the days of summer like they existed only in my dreams.  Hopefully you feel as refreshed by the memory of summer in these pictures as I was.

Want to make Valentine’s Day more romantic?  Consider a boudoir shoot in the month of February!  

Our Valentine’s Month Special includes hair, makeup, 2.5 hours of shooting time and a $100 La Vie en Rose gift certificate for only $299!

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