Be kind, be confident.

It is really hard for some of us to not hate our bodies.  I don’t say “to love” our bodies because I think if you are ambivalent about your body, it’s easy to step up to loving your body.  To go from hating to not hating your body is a more difficult process.  I am not guessing about this, or putting myself in other people’s shoes – I struggle with this almost every day.  Every day, I have several moments of self-loathing.  I deride myself for not being skinny like so-and-so, or not being able to keep myself from nighttime snacking.  I pinch my belly fat and make faces at my cellulite.  It is so embarrassing to write this all out because it’s childish, but it’s the truth.  I have a really hard time just letting myself be myself.

I am so grateful that I get to rub shoulders with my beautiful clients who have, each and every one of them, made a decision to be kind to themselves. And not just that, but to celebrate their bodies and their sensuality without apology.  They take a risk to trust us, and we capture their beauty in a way that is special and significant.  Suddenly, they see themselves differently, and they are able to love their bodies as they look at the photos we have created together.  This is such a powerful experience for me to take part in because it reminds me that I am a woman like every woman we have photographed – and therefore, I must be beautiful too.

Today’s blog post showcases some beautiful images of a woman who hasn’t always been able to love her body, but who made the decision to be kind to and confident in herself.  These stunning photographs are the results of her courage.  Thank you, V – you have every reason to celebrate yourself!

Always wanted to do a boudoir shoot?  Contact us for more information!  Today is the day!


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