I was just listening to a podcast discussion about the unbelievable beauty of the buildings and structures all over the Europe.  When you compare the incredible detail and lavish design of the cathedrals and universities in England, for example, to our modern churches and universities, it’s amazing the same species was responsible for building both.

You can see the same trend in the change in our style of dress over time and you don’t even have to go that far back in history.  Think of sheath and circle dresses, hats and swing coats, kitten heels and stilettos.  Hair-dos involved intensive styling, makeup was bold with bright red lips.  Being beautiful was important.

We tend to think of ourselves as so much more advanced than our ancestors, but somewhere in our pursuit of efficiency and comfort, we have forgotten the value of beauty.  As a very pragmatic person, my mind always goes to, “But what’s the purpose of spending a whole bunch of time and money on looking nice, having a beautiful painting, or owning china? I’ll be just as happy with my jeans, my IKEA print, my Corelle dishes and my money in the bank.”  That does make a lot of sense on one level, but it is actually a very limiting perspective.

There is something about extravagantly beautiful things that move us, lift us, and inspire us in ways that we cannot explain.  Beauty doesn’t take us from A to B like practical thinking does; it takes us from E to Z and back to A again.  It lifts us from the dirt of our humanity to the clouds of the divine.  Corelle plates will hold my food, but Royal Albert will make each bite a memory.  My sweats will make me feel comfortable, but a sheath dress and heels will make me feel powerful.  A modern church will give me a place to worship, but Westminster Abbey will draw worship from me the moment I walk through its doors.  Beauty is where all the meaning lives.

So how does this all relate to boudoir? Just this: there is no pragmatic or practical reason to do a boudoir shoot. You don’t put it on the same list as “grocery shopping, work, pay the bills, and clean the bathroom.”  You do a boudoir shoot to participate in beauty.  You do it to see yourself differently.  You do it to be moved and lifted and inspired in ways that don’t happen every day.  Like all beautiful things, though, it’s value can’t really be explained in words, so you’ll have to experience it for yourself. ❤️

We are so glad to show you this beautiful shoot today.  This lovely lady played high level hockey and still volunteers in local hockey programs.  I love how her photos are a blend of her femininity and athleticism.  Every woman is a wonderful blend of many things, which we love expressing in our boudoir photos!

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