Birthday Suits

There is nothing more beautiful than the human body. Sure, we like images of sunsets and mountains and beaches and water and animals, but we love pictures of people. In fact, I read somewhere that social media posts of the human face attract a lot more attention than anything else.

We also know that we love images of human beings in their birthday suits. Artists throughout history have painted and sculpted nudes unapologetically. Think of Michaelangelo’s David or the ceiling of the Sistine chapel.

And I know I don’t have to convince you that you love a good nude. We all do – and we don’t have to feel bad about it. We were meant to appreciate human beauty, and we can do that without delving into the ugly and twisted world of pornography. Nudes and pornography are as different as a sumptuous feast and the scraps that are thrown to the pigs afterwards: same basic ingredients, totally different dish.

Our goal in every session we do, is to give our clients an opportunity to celebrate their own beauty, to reconnect with their bodies, and to remember that there is something remarkable about being human. Our work is not meant to reduce the human body to cheap sexuality but to accentuate a person’s value.

We want to thank M for allowing us to share these images with you. Not everyone is willing to put herself out there like this, but M wanted others to feel empowered and inspired by her images. Thank you.

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