Blank Slate

Did you know that transitions in life are the best times to establish new habits?  I’ve been going deep on some habit change literature and am enamoured by the book “Better Than Before” by Gretchen Rubin.  She says that when you are experiencing a major change, like divorce, a new baby, a new relationship, a move, etc., you should use that time to form healthy habits.  For example, if you are moving to a new house, you could start making your bed every day and keeping your clothes off the floor.  That habit may have been really hard to change in your old house, but the clean slate of a new house can kickstart the new habit.

I find that many of our clients use a boudoir shoot as a “clean slate” activity in big life transitions.  They want to see and value themselves differently after they have a baby, go through a divorce, start a new job, reach a milestone birthday, etc., so they do a boudoir shoot reframe their self-confidence.  It can be a really fun and empowering way to take control of the way they see themselves, and can significantly impact how they live their lives.

We are so glad to share some images of a beautiful lady whom we have had the pleasure of photographing twice.  We wish her much happiness in her next chapter of life, and hope she carries a lot of confidence into her future!

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