Boudoir takes some guts, man.  It takes guts to do the consultation and book the session; it takes guts to go into the lingerie store; it takes guts to get all the waxing done; it takes guts to pull into our driveway and actually get out of the car and go into the studio; and it takes guts to come out of the change room in your first outfit.  Every one of those steps is deliberate, intentional, and bold.

Once the shoot is in motion, however, it gets way easier.  You hold poses, make fun of Kevan’s poses, complain about the booty pop, and try to remember to breathe.  Your nerves evaporate, and you actually start to have fun.


…we ask you if you want to do a bodyscape.   A bodyscape is all about the beauty and subtlety of a woman’s curves.  Just like a beautiful painting or photograph of a familiar landscape can make you experience it in a magical way, so can a bodyscape cause you to catch your breath at the exquisite beauty of a woman’s curves.

But doing a bodyscape can be a bit nerve-racking.  You have to be a bit exposed, and often there is movement involved in making a good bodyscape, which can take a bit of practice to master.  If you can weather the awkwardness of it all, the result is absolutely spectacular.  You are left with a piece of art that you will value forever.

Here are a few bodyscapes we have done over the past couple of years.  I am sure you will find them powerful and beautiful.  And just for the record, you don’t have to do a bodyscape if you come into our studio to do a boudoir session – it totally depends on your comfort levels!

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