Boudoir Panty Prep

Boudoir Panty Prep

How much thought do you give to your underwear beyond its comfort and whether or not it shows lines through your pants?  Shopping for everyday underwear is a little different than shopping for boudoir.  There are so many styles and cuts and each suits a different purpose.  I thought I would try to school you in underwear today so you don’t feel like you’re starting from scratch when shopping for your boudoir shoot.



The bikini cut usually has narrower sides (unlike hipsters or boyshorts) and can be more full-coverage in the back or can have a cheeky cut.  The bikini panty is likely what you wear on a daily basis unless you go for full-bum coverage.  I quite like the bikini cut for boudoir shoots, especially if it has a cheekier cut in the back.  They tend to shape the bum well for booty shots and they come in a lot of different designs.  These are great for all body types.

Hipsters or Hiphuggers

These tend to have more coverage on the sides and in the front.  They can have a cheekier cut or can be more full-coverage in the back.   On very slim builds, these undies can be great for boudoir, but I don’t love them for girls who have more “junk in the trunk”.  They tend to cut below the top of the hips, accentuating and sometimes even creating the “love handle” effect.  

Thongs and G-Strings

Thongs are a good way to go if you’re looking for something to go under a piece of lingerie that covers a large portion of your upper body.  For example, if you are choosing a slip or a babydoll-style outfit (though you should never choose an empire-waisted babydoll for boudoir), I would go with a thong on the bottom.  Really, you can use a thong with any outfit, but I prefer other underwear styles if we are going to do a booty shot.  G-strings (literally just a string on the sides) are nice to have with you if we are planning to do an implied nude shot as Kevan can edit out underwear lines easily with this style.


The brazillian cut is in between a thong and a bikini panty.  It has a little less coverage in the back and it rises high on the hips with a narrow band.  I also like this cut for booty shots in boudoir.  It allows us to see more the bum without going the full-exposure that a thong would create.  I recommend the brazillian cut for girls with curvier butts over the thong option.

Tap Pants or Culottes

I don’t see these very often but I think they are very pretty and interesting.  They are a bit like a pair of shorts but the leg is cut higher.  They fit loosely and flare a bit at the hips.  They are a more vintage-style bottom and have a very flirtatious feel.  The fabric used for tap pants tends to be a satin and/or lace.  You may be more likely to find these in a cami-set.  I think tap pants need a bigger booty to fill them out, otherwise they are too loose and show more than a boudoir shoot is meant to capture!

High-Waist Briefs

The high-waisted style is very popular right now and I love it.  It gives an outfit a vintage-feel and it offers some tummy-control.  I do recommend choosing the “cheekier” or high-waist thong options rather than going for the full bum coverage.  This style works on EVERYONE!!

Bumless Panties

Some lingerie chains call these “bumless” panties, but I noticed that Victoria’s Secret calls them “Cheekinis”, which I think sounds nicer.  These are great for boudoir because there are so many different patterns and styles, which are beautiful and interesting and work for every body type.  In my opinion, these make the best booty shots. Please note that bumless panties have full crotch coverage and are NOT the same as “crotchless” panties, which we do not shoot. 


Boyshorts look like a tiny pair of spandex shorts in a way.  Sometimes they have a cheekier cut in the back, but they have more coverage on the sides and front than any other type of underwear.  Unless we are creating an athletic or fitness-style image (like we are doing in this image), I don’t recommend boyshorts for a boudoir shoot.

I hope those descriptions help when you’re shopping for your boudoir shoot!  The most important thing to remember, though, is that you should choose clothing that you feel great in.  There are no rules other than that!

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