Bridget Jones’s Diary

I inherited a big stack of books from my neighbour last year and among them was Bridget Jones’s Diary. I wouldn’t typically read a book like this, but it was there and I wanted some brain candy. And, if I’m being honest, I do love a self-indulgent chick book from time to time.

Preparing to find it vulgar and depressing, I wasn’t disappointed. Bridget is the anti-lady of the the 90’s. She drinks too much, smokes too much, obsessively weighs herself, chases after dirtbag men, and is constantly medicating herself against her bottomless sense of inadequacy. She makes a huge list of New Year’s resolutions to address these problems, and the whole book describes her progress.

Her progress, as you can guess, is pretty much nil. I keep thinking as I read, “Well, I am a rock star compared with this hot mess.” Which is why the book has been so successful: women can read it to feel better about their lives. And it is pretty funny too.

I haven’t finished the book, but I did skip ahead to the last page, where she summarizes her year by adding up the total number of drinks, cigarettes, and calories she’s consumed, the pounds she has gained and lost, the money she has spent and won from lottery tickets, and the number of boyfriends she’s had and lost. The balance of the year is that she has attained one of her New Year’s resolutions only: “Form functional relationship with responsible adult.”

The book ends with the beginning of that “functional relationship”. We have no idea if Bridget attains happiness long term, but she definitely finds it in the short term. If there is hope for Bridget to achieve a New Year’s resolution, there is hope for anyone!

We hope that one of your New Year’s resolutions is to come in for a boudoir shoot! It can check off so many other resolutions at the same time: 1. Do something that scares you; 2. Set a goal that will keep you accountable to your nutrition and fitness goals; 3. Surprise your partner with a crazy and unique gift; 4. Buy new underwear (that was an actual New Year’s resolution off my 2019 list – I achieved it if you were wondering.)

Here are some beautiful photos from B’s session. She is getting married in the summer, so we couldn’t share everything yet, but thanks so much, B, for letting us share these!

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