Carpe Diem

I have never met anyone with as crazy a story as the beautiful lady in these photos. L was nominated by a friend of hers to receive a free shoot. This is how the nomination reads:

L has been through many challenges, and has always come out stronger for it. She suffered a life-threatening brain injury a few years ago and against all odds pulled through. She had to relearn how to walk and to this day she still blows me away with the how far she has come and the progress she continues to make. If you met her today, you wouldn’t even know!

She is an inspiration to those around her and she deserves to be treated to something special for herself.

If the tables were turned, she would be the first one to offer up a nomination for something like this because she puts her friends and family first.

As you can imagine, I was inspired and right away I knew we had to have this amazing person in for a shoot. I contacted her and she was excited for the opportunity – which isn’t always a given when someone wins a shoot. Boudoir takes guts and sometimes a person isn’t ready to take it on. L didn’t hesitate, though. As I got to know her, it was clear that her experience had given her a Carpe Diem approach to life.

When L got to the studio, she shared a fuller version of her story. Four years ago, after choking on some tea, L aspirated while her partner was outside dealing with the chores. She was non-responsive when he came in and they rushed her to the hospital.

At the hospital they discovered how dire her circumstances were. She had fallen into a coma, her brain showing no activity. The doctors said that it was highly unlikely that she would wake up, and if she did, the person they knew would be gone.

Her family sat with her non-stop for a month. During that time, she can remember hearing their conversations and seeing things around her, but it was if she were trapped in concrete. This is incredible because the doctors were sure her brain was not functioning – and yet she has clear memories of that time.

One day, to everyone’s amazement, L opened her eyes. A few moments later, she was talking in full sentences and she had lost none of her memories. She was not gone – she had been there all along.

After gruelling months of physiotherapy, she relearned how to walk. Four years later, she is married, has dogs, works as a nurse, loves her nieces and nephews, and boldly steps into the opportunities that life offers. She walked into darkness, survived, and now fears nothing.

I hope as you look at her photos, you are inspired to live boldly. Thank you, L, for sharing your story. You have no idea how your courage emboldens others to also live bravely!

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