I get in some major funks sometimes.  I get grumpy and negative and morose.  I don’t want to do anything, and I don’t want to do nothing.  I feel like there is nothing to look forward to, and that everyday life is dull.

I have probably sent you into a bad mood just reading that paragraph.

I am just taking a guess, but I am thinking that a lot of women feel like that at their time of month.  Isn’t it crazy how just a shift in hormones can send us into a downward spiral – even when everything is really going fine?

That could be really discouraging, but there is another way to think about it.  If just a small shift in our hormones can make us feel depressed, then it can also happen the same way in reverse.

Sometimes, the smallest change can start a cascade of positive results.

Here are some little things that I have tried to reverse the negative train in my life:

  • Exercise – even just 10 minutes – it never fails to change my perspective. A walk, jumping jacks, push-ups, etc.  This really does work, so don’t roll your eyes (I say this because in a bad mood, I would roll my eyes).
  • Go outside.  Again, this is for real because sunlight releases serotonin – your happy neurotransmitter.
  • Go to bed.  I hate going to bed because I like the quiet time without my kids but a good sleep will radically change your outlook on life.

 I definitely don’t do all of these things well, but at least I know that there is no need to throw in the towel until I’ve tried one or all three.  And, without fail, when I act on one of these, I feel differently and then I act differently – and the course of my life changes.

Why am I talking about all of this in a photography blog?  It’s simple: when we shoot, we are all about changing our perspective and making small changes that make a big impact.  Every time we cover a window, get a subject to point her toes, or change the way a woman’s hair falls, we are telling a different story and evoking different emotions. And if one of the emotions we can evoke is confidence, we know that can cause a cascade of positive results in her life.

So, hopefully this blog post helps you remember in your moments of blah that your life doesn’t need an overhaul, it just may need a small shift in perspective.

Here are a few shots from a recent shoot.  I have included pictures that are all quite different so that you can get a sense of the power of small changes and new perspectives.

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