Challenging Stereotypes

Our brains deal with a huge amount of information every day. In order to manage that information and make sense of it, our brains like to sort it into categories. This is very efficient, but sometimes that information gets mis-sorted.

I discovered the truth of this during a half marathon I ran several years ago. Looking around at the other runners, I noticed a wide variety of body types. In all the running magazines, the only body type you see is long and lean. At this race, there were huge, beefy men and short, plump women; fresh-faced teenagers, and sinewy grandparents. Right away, I subconsciously began making predictions on how well people would run.

The race began and as we got further and further into it, I watched as most of my predictions were proven wrong. The runners at the top were, as I had originally assumed, the long and lean people. But those of us in the middle were of all shapes and sizes. A short, plump woman passed me around kilometre 15, I passed a teenager at one point, and a man in his 70’s sped past me at the end. I was humbled and challenged by this experience. My stereotypes had failed me utterly.

I find boudoir so inspiring because it challenges all my consciously and subconsciously held stereotypes. Quiet women aren’t always shy; loud, verbose women aren’t always confident; women who never wear makeup still like to dress up; sweet mothers of toddlers own faux-leather lingerie. It is all so fascinating and delightfully surprising.

I have chosen photos from this lovely lady’s session because she expresses herself in so many different ways, and she doesn’t fit into any stereotypes. She can be feminine and edgy; simple and complex; vulnerable and reserved. Thanks so much to C for sharing some of the many versions of herself with us!

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