I’m not a huge fan of change. Yesterday, Kevan decided to use a new coffee brand in our espresso machine. I was thinking, “Nooooo! Don’t do that! We are going to have to mess around with the grind size and the quantity of grounds, and then we are going to have to test it, and then if we don’t like it, we will feel the obligation to drink it until it’s gone, and then I will not enjoy my coffee and that would be TERRIBLE!!!!

When I say that I was only thinking that, I’m pretty sure I also said a bunch of it too (I’m not one to suffer silently).

Kevan ignored me and we tried the new coffee. Surprisingly, it was good and I have continued to enjoy my coffee. Crisis averted. Change wins, Leah loses.

If you are like me, your routine is boss. And, in fairness to all of us routine-bound individuals, it does keep things running smoothly. We all tend to be a little less irritable when we have slept well, eaten wisely, exercised and gotten all our chores done. If you’ve been around the block a few times, though, you know that a long period of uninterrupted routine is inevitably disrupted by SOMETHING.

That something can be a small as a no-school Friday, and as large as an unplanned pregnancy. One minute you’re on the hamster wheel, and the next you are flung off unceremoniously and you just can’t seem to get your timing right to jump back on the wheel.

That is prime territory for a new direction, or a new hamster wheel, in your life. You stumble around a bit at first, dizzy from being dumped off your old routine wheel, and then your eyes focus and you set off in a new direction. Suddenly, your life is different.

Does that idea fill you with excitement or with dread? It really does depend on the change, I suppose. But even though part of me just hates the idea of changing the coffee I love, another part of me wonders if there might be something out there that I’m missing – something more.

The lady featured in this week’s post is a woman with a rich life. She is a young mom, a business owner, and a down-to-earth, delightful human being. Her life is complete without a boudoir session. I think, though, that beauty and art just add that “something more” to our lives. We hope you enjoy her gorgeous photographs!

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