Come with one, leave with many

Come with one, leave with many

Every woman has a different reason for doing a boudoir shoot.  Here are some I’ve encountered:

  • to celebrate a milestone birthday
  • to create a unique gift for a partner
  • to motivate towards a fitness goal
  • to celebrate reaching a fitness goal
  • to reconnect with one’s body after having children
  • to celebrate being young before family life begins
  • to improve confidence
  • to reconnect and make peace with one’s body after exiting an abusive relationship or after a divorce
  • to reenergize by doing something new and a little bit intimidating
  • to see oneself differently and to feel beautiful

The amazing thing about boudoir is that you may come in for one reason, but you will likely leave with the benefits of all the others.  For example, you may want to buy a gift for your husband-to-be.  Not only do you walk away with something unique for him, you also find yourself feeling more confident – which is a bonus gift you bring into your marriage.

Or, perhaps you book a shoot to shake off all the horrible comments your abusive partner has made throughout the years and find out who you are without him.  While prepping for your shoot, you begin to eat healthy, exercise more and sleep better. All of a sudden, just from doing a boudoir shoot, you find you have created new routines and thought patterns that are helping you heal and grow.  

That is the power of boudoir.  It can kickstart so many exciting and healthy things while also creating beautiful works of art that you can carry with you for the rest of your life.  That’s pretty rad.

I love this shoot.  We had  such a nice time getting to know this lovely firecracker – such a great combo of easy-going openness and directness.  I love how she worked in some vibrant colour into her outfit choices.  Variety is the spice of life!

The absolute best way to find out more about our shoots and our process is to set up a phone consultation with me (Leah).  I take you through all the details, including what clothing to bring, how to prep, photo pricing, etc.  Pick a time on our calendar below and I will give you a call!

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