Completely yourself, completely loved

I always talk about confidence as something that gives you the ability to bring more value to the people around you. When you are confident, you think less about yourself and more about others.  When we are insecure, we are so focused on ourselves that we don’t have time to spare for others.

Confidence in our beauty and sexuality has the same effect.  When you are insecure in your body, you deflect all compliments, you cover parts of yourself, you never become truly vulnerable – and vulnerability is one of the key ingredients of intimacy. When you are fully comfortable and unembarrassed, you surrender yourself to the other person – and there is nothing like the feeling of being completely yourself and also completely loved.

We don’t believe for a second that boudoir photos are essential to a healthy relationship.  We do, however, hope that a boudoir photo experience can help increase your confidence and we hope that it translates to more intimacy in your relationship.  If we can take even a small part in enriching the love in your life, we have done our jobs.

The beautiful woman in these photos has a story, hopes, dreams, responsibilities, joys and disappointments.  She is just like you.  We hope you find the images beautiful and inspiring!

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