Connected to your body

I feel that the more I age, the more divorced I feel from my body. I think it’s because when I look in the mirror now, I expect to see my 25-year-old self, but instead, there is a 38-year-old staring back at me. I also feel like my body is breaking down more. It kind of makes me feel like a stranger to myself.

If I take the time to workout, stretch, do yoga, etc., I feel way more connected to my body. This is so important! Our bodies are our interfaces with the world – they make us knowable. If we aren’t connected to our bodies, how can others be connected with the real us?

Along with yoga and working out, boudoir is all about reigniting your love affair with your own body. To love your body, you need to spend quality time with it – just like any good relationship. If you take the time to know it, nurture it, and celebrate it, your body will more effectively communicate the you that is hiding inside it.

The beautiful lady in today’s post is in a new chapter of her life. She chose to do her boudoir shoot even though her life circumstances changed between booking then doing the shoot. It took guts. I am so glad to share these photos with you.

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