Courage Rises

I feel like one of the main activities of “adulting” is figuring out what we have control over and what we don’t. I am sure you remember a time in your childhood when your parents said something like, “You can’t control what other people think, so there’s no point in altering your life for something you have no power over.” That is an amazing lesson, and so freeing once you learn it! It’s like receiving the keys to the world.

Once you sort the things in your life into “things I can control” and “things I can’t”, anxiety drops away, victimhood disappears, and courage rises. We saw this firsthand in the studio recently.

Our client, M, came in for a shoot to capture her womanly beauty before muscular dystrophy steals her mobility. She had a remarkable attitude. She knew that she had no control over her genetic disease, but she decided that she could still celebrate the person she was right now. Because of this perspective, she was able to fight through immense pain to hit the poses that are so challenging for everyone.

We are so pleased to share these images with you. They represent courage in the face of adversity and joy in the midst of pain. I hope you are as inspired by this amazing woman as we were!


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