Dirty Jobs

There are so many women in the Elk Valley who drive big mine trucks, work on maintenance crews, and do generally dirty jobs.  They come home from their shifts with black coal dust in their pores, under their nails and lining their noses.  They also work night shifts that confuse their bodies and muddle their minds.  Most people I talk to try not to sleep on their first day off – a feat that I am always amazed by.

When you are working in environments like that, it can be hard to feel beautiful.  Some women make a point of indulging in little luxuries like having their nails done or getting eyelash extensions – just to help themselves feel like women.  Still, I have many women tell me, “I am not girly at all, so a boudoir shoot is a stretch for me.”  But then, they pluck up the courage, do the shoot, and see themselves in a new light.

The beautiful woman in the pictures below crawls into equipment all day long, doing her part to make her workplace safe and efficient.  The work is hot, dirty, and physically demanding.  She lives in coveralls and steel-toed boots.  In these pictures, though, she is a woman: beautiful, elegant, sensual and confident.  I love the tension between those two things – it inspires curiosity and intrigue.

Thanks so much to B for letting us share these pics!

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