Don’t hold out or hold back…

When we were in Venice in November, I was enamoured with the beautiful masks that were for sale everywhere.  There were so many shapes and colours and varieties of elaborate design.  I thought about buying one several times, but each time I would talk myself out of it by thinking, “This one is expensive because we are in Venice, but it’s probably bad quality,” or “I’ll find an even nicer one on the next street.”  Opportunity after opportunity to purchase a Venetian mask passed me by, and we left Venice empty-handed.

Not long after we returned home, we decided to purchase a few masks for the studio. Kevan went on Amazon and bought three beautiful, and inexpensive, masks. You’d think that I would be thrilled, having saved a bunch of money. However, when people comment on the masks, I find myself telling them that I wish we had bought a mask while in Venice because having a story to go with the item is so much better than just having the thing itself.

So often in life, we fail to take advantage of opportunities because we are holding out for something nicer, cheaper, or more interesting. In hindsight, we can see that we should have struck while the iron was hot but what good is that?

We aren’t just doomed to regret our decisions, though. I think we can get better at recognizing good opportunities. Here are two questions I ask myself when on the brink of making a decision:

  1. If I say “yes” to this thing/experince, what will I have to say “no” to?
  2. Would this thing/experience bring me longterm satisfaction?

Answering these questions makes the decision so much easier. If I have to say “no” to being with my kids after school so that I can take a job that pays a few dollars more, that might not be the best decision for me. If, on the other hand, that job takes the stress off our financial situation and thereby improves my marriage, which makes my kids feel happier and more stable, then maybe it’s a good decision. Whatever the outcome, I think those two questions reveal a lot to you about what you want and how your decisions contribute to or oppose your goals.

The reason I got to thinking about all of this is that the beautiful woman featured in this post told me that originally, she wanted to do her shoot when she felt more in shape. She then took a step back and said, “Wait a minute. I want to feel good about myself right now.” For her, feeling like a beautiful woman in the middle of her crazy mom life was important. By making the decision to do the shoot, she had to say no to being perfect. And, from what I’ve heard from her, doing the shoot has been really amazing for her confidence – which has real longterm value for her life. I think she made the most of the opportunity!!

We hope you enjoy her beautiful photographs. Thanks so much to C for letting us share them!

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