I am not very photogenic.  Can you still create beautiful photographs of me?

Without a doubt, we can create photographs that you will love.  No one is naturally photogenic.  It takes skill and practice to position yourself in ways that are flattering – that is what professional modeling is all about.  We make it easy for you by giving specific instructions on how to pose – right down to your expression.  That’s why we can guarantee that we will be able to take beautiful photographs of you!

I would like to have photos done with my mom and sisters.  Can we do that?

Absolutely – we will make it a girls’ day out!  With multiple people, we stagger the hair and makeup so that while some are having their hair and makeup done, others are having their individual portraits taken.  Once everyone is ready, we do group shots – a perfect memento of the experience.  The best part is, you can all go out that evening looking beautiful!

Should I bring hairstyle ideas to the shoot?

In this photo shoot, our focus is on glamour, so we style hair and makeup according to current glamour trends.  Right now, tousled, loose curl is the fashion.  We also aim for a dramatic eye.  Makeup always appears darker in person than it does in camera, so our goal is a dark, smoky eye.  We consult with you about your makeup preferences before and after your makeover to ensure that you are happy with your look.  We want you to feel beautiful – it’s our highest priority!

How do you style short hair?

If you have short hair, we will work within the style to jazz it up a bit, which doesn’t always involve curls.   We will definitely consult with you about your preferences, as individuals with short hair usually have styling methods that they feel work best with their hairstyle.

What should I wear?  Do I need to go shopping before the shoot?

We have three rules about clothing:

1.     They should be closely fitting;

2.     They should be solid coloured (no patterns);

3.     They should be pieces that you love.

Tightly fitting clothing is more flattering in camera for all body types as it allows us to see the shape of the body.  Also, solid colours tend to be more timeless, and allow for cleaner photographs.  Please feel free to bring jeans, fun tops, dresses, skirts, lingerie, bathing suits, and accessories like earrings and scarves.  You do not have to go shopping before the shoot, but it might be a fun way to gear up for your day of glamour!