Feeling ready?

“I just can’t make myself do it,” I whined one day to a friend. I wanted to lose a few pounds, but I just couldn’t make myself commit to a plan. I felt really weak and lame because I have stuck to plans before and been successful. Why couldn’t I make it happen this time?

After two months of waffling and whining and not doing anything but feeling crappy about myself, one day something in my mind clicked. It was like I was finally ready to buckle down. What had seemed impossible only the month, week and day before, all of a sudden became action.

Has that ever happened to you? After feeling stuck or plateaued, like you’re running on a treadmill, something small shifts and you rocket forward? It’s remarkable and hopeful. If only we could patiently wait for that moment when we’re feeling stuck. If only we had the wisdom to be content and wait for ourselves to be READY to change.

Boudoir shoots are definitely something you have to feel ready to do. The idea of doing one should be at least 50% exciting to 50% nerve-wracking. Higher on the excitement side is always better but 50-50 is a satisfactory readiness grade. So, what’s your split? Are you feeling ready?

The shoot we are profiling today has so much variety. There is everything from light, lacy feminine photos to edgy biker-chick photos. I love that so much because none of us is just one thing. Thanks to L for allowing us to share her beautiful photos!

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