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It has been our great pleasure to photograph this beautiful lady on her wedding day, and very recently for her future business and life endeavors (see her amazing sunrise, helicopter, mountaintop photos at https://68photography.com/purcell-mountain-lodge-elopement/).  Let me tell you, this girl is cool.  Not only is she gorgeous, she is also a mother, wife, personal trainer, nutritionist, and serious hunter.  Her expertise as a hunter gained her a spot on Extreme Huntress last year – an experience that was both interesting and challenging.  She is also in the midst of starting a business that combines her knowledge of nutrition, fitness, and nature to help individuals become the best versions of themselves.

Despite all her accomplishments, Alison is a very modest, soft-spoken, gentle person.  She is just the sort of person you could talk to about your health struggles and goals – I know because I did talk to her about mine while we were doing hair and makeup.  I highly recommend contacting her if you need advice, direction, and accountability in your own fitness and nutrition journey.

Our photo shoot with Alison covered a wide range of photographic genres – which was a lot of fun.  At the very end of this post, I have included a bikini fitness photo because it’s awesome.  The rest of the pics are beautiful portraits of a strong, talented, passionate woman.  We hope you love them as much as we do!

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