Flipping the Switch

Sometimes, changing the way we see ourselves is a grind, isn’t it?  Obeying the alarm clock, doing a million box jumps, buying new clothes, reading self-help books, and oh how the list can go on.  We always equate “seeing ourselves differently” with “making ourselves different”.  That kind of thing is a process that takes time and patience.

But it isn’t always like that.  You’ve had a “flip-the-switch moment” before, right?  Like when you really don’t want to go anywhere but you go out anyway and you’re grumpy and then suddenly you say, “I might as well have fun” – and you’ve suddenly become a different version of yourself.

Now wait a second, you say! That is only flipping the switch for one evening – it doesn’t mean a permanent life change has occurred. But sometimes, a flipped switch stays on (or off).  Maybe you realize one day that Outlander is robbing you of your sleep and your innocence.  And then all of a sudden you say, “I am taking back my life!” and you never watch that show again.  Now, you’re sleeping better, which makes you a better person, and you’re actually getting stuff done, which makes you a better person.  If this sounds very specific, it may or may not be drawn from real life.  I’ll leave it for you to decide.

I know that sometimes a boudoir shoot can cause something to shift inside someone.  Perhaps a woman becomes more confident in her body and then experiences more intimacy with her spouse; perhaps she stops comparing herself to others when she is at the beach or the pool and remains present with her kids; maybe she starts to love herself for who she is and pursues box jumps and self-help books out of interest rather than fear.  Your change may be suddenly transformative like that, or it may just give you another step up on your journey.  No matter how you cut it, it’s a boost.

Thanks so much to K for allowing us to share some of her photos!  I especially love the set of three in the middle!

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