I think that most of the time, change comes about gradually.  Marriage is usually the culmination of a change that has been developing over a couple of years; our talents and skills improve over a period of time; the make up of our friend group restructures over days, weeks and years.  When we look back, we may be surprised to see how dramatically our lives have changed – but we may not have noticed it happening.

There are definitely circumstances that cause very sudden changes, and the one that has been rattling around in my brain is high school graduation.  This rite of passage causes a transformation – a child becomes an adult.  It is a rite that is full of joy, excitement, and pride – mostly for grads; but also of grief and sadness – mostly for parents.  Because the change is expected, those radically different emotions co-exist in the celebrations.  There aren’t very many other things in our lives that feel quite like this experience.

This is a grad shoot we did with Taya a couple of years ago now, but there is something so iconic about the graduation experience in these photos – I just had repost them.  There is something about photographing a person right before a big change – it’s almost like there is a little bit of magic in it.  Maybe there is someone out there who knows what I am talking about.

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