I want adventure

It is finally time to emerge from our Coronavirus shelters! I am so grateful to be getting back to normal, even though “normal” is going to look different in the ACV (after Coronavirus) era.

If there is one thing I’ve learned during this time, it is that Netflix, and Amazon Prime, and Disney+ do not fulfill my desire for meaning and purpose as a human being. In the words of Belle, “I want adventure in the great wide somewhere.” It turns out that too much leisure is just as bad as too much work.

The reward of a boudoir shoot operates on the same principle. Boudoir is not an easy thing to decide to do. It takes guts and trust. Fortunately, that’s exactly what makes a boudoir shoot so rewarding. When you do something challenging and the outcome is beautiful, fun, or satisfying, you expand your life and you open your heart to more beautiful and satisfying things. Plus, and this is an amazing side-effect, you get INCREDIBLE pictures to carry with you through the adventure of your life.

On the subject of adventure, I’ve put together a collection of outdoor boudoir photos for you today. When we shoot outside, we tromp around the bush until we find a private spot with good light and an interesting back-drop. It is a fun experience, even though you might end up sitting on a poky stump, or wading out into a freezing creek. I hope you enjoy the pictures, and maybe even consider booking your own boudoir session with us!


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