Inspiration – not consumption

If boudoir photography is new to you, it might be a bit of a shock to the system. Every once in a while, a client tells me that her friend or sister or mother said to her after learning about her scheduled shoot, “You’re going to do what?! Why would you get photos like that done?”

And I can’t really blame them. A hundred years ago, women were stopped on the beach by police officers who would measure the length of their bathing costume to ensure they were within the “legal limit”. 100 years ago! And now, not much is left up to the imagination. That’s a huge change in such a short time.


In 1919, the female body was an object of danger, fear, moral degradation, etc. We might think we are more progressive in 2019, but even though we have gone in the opposite direction, I don’t think much has changed. In “modern times” women are still being treated, and are still offering themselves up, as objects. Think of the huge pornography industry that is currently plaguing us. It’s all the same problem, dressed up (or down) in different bathing costumes.

So how is boudoir different? I think that, most obviously, boudoir is a celebration of the female body and not of sexual intimacy – at least the way we shoot boudoir. Secondly, the images we create are for our clients and their partners to enjoy, and for other women to be inspired by. We are not selling our images to be “consumed” by the general public. Inspiration and enjoyment – not consumption.

I know that boudoir is not for everyone, but we have seen so much good come from the process that we can’t deny its life-changing impact. We have seen walls of self-doubt come tumbling down; we have watch years of negative self-talk shift towards grace and optimism; we have seen tears of gratitude and joy melt a heart of doubt and skepticism. Boudoir can be very powerful and a force for good – which I’m pretty sure pornography can’t lay claim to.

If you want to see firsthand what I’m talking about, check out some testimonials from our clients: https://decoroportraits.com/client-testimonials/

The images I’m sharing today are of a young woman who is about to begin a new life as she gets married in August. Thanks so much to B for allowing us to celebrate with these photos!

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Hope to see you in the studio!


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