When you get to a certain point in your life, things kind of “settle down”.  You are finished university, maybe you are married, you have kids, and then your kids are old enough to go to school.  The major craziness has died down for the present, and life coasts along.

Ok, I know this is an oversimplification, but just work with the basics for now!  At this point in your life, you have to be intentional about adventure and excitement.  You have to plan trips, go to concerts, read books, take classes, go on hikes, spend time with your friends.  None of these things happen by accident.

The same goes for photography.  Once your graduation and wedding are done, your professional photography experiences tend to shift toward your kids and family.  If you’re the one always taking the photos, well, you know how that works!  Our boudoir and glamour sessions are outlets for women – a way to intentionally build in a sense of adventure and to celebrate the woman you are and the life you have right now.  A way to take the ordinary and make it extraordinary.

Thanks so much to S for celebrating a new phase of her life with an extraordinary photo shoot.  We wish you much happiness as you embark on a new journey!

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