Intoxicating Possibility

I remember exactly what I used to think about and what I used to feel when I was graduating from high school. I had this high octane feeling of possibility – like the feeling you get when you look at a really green place and you know that ANYTHING could grow there.

Possibility and potential are intoxicating. In some ways, they are the height of all human experiences. Think about all the wonderful moments in your life: your first family trip, your wedding, a competition you won, a goal you achieved, the birth of your children, etc. They all involved the beginning of something new and exciting, or the celebration of your successful attempt to do something meaningful and/or difficult.

The reason I look back so fondly at that time is because feeling inspired, excited and expectant was so easy. It’s harder for some of us to feel those things when our lives have hit an easy groove. There’s no natural thing like graduation to shake us out of our ruts and routines.

But that doesn’t mean we can’t feel that way again! As I was reminded by my husband this weekend, all we have to do is push ourselves to try something new. We need to pick something hard to do and attempt to do it. We need to create our own opportunities to reinvent and inspire ourselves. As the Monty Python guys via my husband remind me, “I’m not dead yet!”

So, to all those kids out there graduating this year, we wish you a life full of possibilities and may the choices you make now continue to inspire and fuel you even when you get as old as me 😉

The photos I’ve chosen for this week’s blog post feature some young ladies who are several years into their adult lives now. I am sure they are different people now than they were then! I am so glad they have beautiful photos to anchor them to the people they were when their adult journey began!

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