It’s all about attitude

We are beyond thrilled to be sharing this shoot with you. Because our shooting schedule is shut down because of COVID, we are incredibly grateful to still have new content to share.

And this isn’t just any shoot. The photos we created with K are incredibly dramatic, and I would say, some of our best work. We were able to experiment with light and push K a little harder because this is the second time we have worked with her. Photographing someone twice challenges us because we want to create something new and different.

In addition to our part in this beautiful shoot, I have to give a huge shout-out to K, who is an amazing person to work with. She is committed to personal growth and has been very focused on her fitness goals over the last little while. She is also friendly, laid-back, enthusiastic and totally non-critical of herself. It’s true that she has no reason to be critical of herself because she is beautiful, but in my experience, beauty has nothing to do with self-criticism. It’s all about attitude, and K has an amazing one!

We hope you enjoy these photos, and we hope that you’re busily dreaming about and planning for your post-COVID boudoir shoot!

A few words from K:

We as women, living in this world as we know it today, giving ourselves to our families, children, work, friends in more of a masculine energy, we tend to forget the feminine side of us. The side we don’t get to see very often but at Decoro, Leah & Kevan help each of us find this side in their talent.

Once you step foot into their door & even before, they are there with so much support and love that you forget what you do daily. Not only are they professionals at what they do but they are so very kind and make you feel welcome, accepted and most of all so very beautiful. They bring you through the process of picking the perfect outfits, to hair & makeup, shooting different set-ups and helping you pick the perfect photos to remember.

This was my second shoot and it was as memorable as the first. Their talent is remarkable! Thank you again Leah & Kevan for the most beautiful day and letting me flow back into that feminine energy and reminding me of my beauty.   Thank you again and I can’t wait to see many more photos that Decoro puts out! 

~ Much love,  K

If you are interested in a boudoir shoot, now’s the time to start planning even though we can’t get you in quite yet due to COVID. Send us a message, though, to get all the information!

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