One of the things I love about having a small business is the opportunity to meet and work with other entrepreneurs.  If you don’t have any entrepreneurs in your life, you should obtain a few somehow.  They are creative, enthusiastic, hard-working, optimistic people.  A few months ago, we met Lauren Gervais, a newly minted real estate agent with First Choice Realty here in Fernie.  At our first encounter, Lauren was just about to complete her real estate licensing exams (or had just finished them – I can’t remember which), and we mentioned our business and expressed an interest in partnering with her when she was up and running.  She took note of the name of our business and then she did something that almost no one does after a conversation like this, she followed through and contacted us!  That’s when I knew that I wanted to work with this fine woman.

My experience with Lauren since that time has confirmed my initial impressions of her.  She is a hugely positive force, with a large dose of conscientiousness and a sincere interest in helping people.  I will definitely be using her services myself in the future.

We like to invite all of our partners into the studio to experience a shoot so that they know firsthand what it is all about.  We had a lot of fun working with Lauren, and I know she had a good time being a model for a day. Here are some of the photos from her shoot!

If you are interested in a shoot – glamour, boudoir, mother/daughter, etc. – please contact us now!  We want to know you, and to partner with you to create some beautiful photographs.

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