Let’s talk about romance, baby.

What are your favourite romantic films? Are any of these in your top 10?

  • Sleepless in Seattle
  • Little Women
  • Pride and Prejudice
  • You’ve Got Mail
  • Sweet Home Alabama
  • Leap Year
  • Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society

What I love about this list is that there is so much romance and sexual tension in these movies, but there is NO SEX! I know there are a lot of romantic movies out there with sex as part of the couple’s journey, but the story just doesn’t seem as potent. Romance is best built with tension and anticipation.

But it’s not just the suspense that makes a good romance, it’s also the idea of love being immortalized through marriage. We crave a FOREVER love story.

Now, if you’ve ever been married, you know that it is easy to fall into a routine. You know each other’s habits, you sleep next to each other, and you see each other’s bodies all the time. If you have children, then your lives become consumed with working, cooking, cleaning, packing lunches, getting up in the night, etc. The anticipation part of the romance has no room to grow.

Does that mean we aren’t “in love” anymore? Nope! The forever part of love that we are drawn to in romantic stories means comfort, predictability, and safety – at least if the relationship is healthy. That doesn’t mean that we can’t have excitement and anticipation anymore, though. We just have to work at it a little more.

So what can we do to make our marriages a little more exciting? We can take care of ourselves. Those housewives from the 50s who cooked dinner in their heels make us laugh now, but they were onto something. They were trying to keep the flame burning. And that kind of thing is not just for HIM – you know you feel better when you feel good about your appearance. At some point we were told that this “shouldn’t matter”, and yet, it seems to make a difference.

We can plan for romance. Spontaneity becomes difficult when you’re sharing your lives so closely. Plan a date night. If it’s hard to get a babysitter, then put the kids to bed and do a late dinner at home. Wear something nice. Give each other the gift of time and attention.

Do something unexpected. So many of our clients so a boudoir shoot to shock the socks of their spouses. You could also just buy some lingerie or take the time to flirt. Just do something DIFFERENT!

We can’t take all of our cues about love from the movies because they only show the beginning of a relationship. Being in it for the long haul requires devotion, attention, time and intentionality but all of that is worth it to have a love story that lasts a lifetime.

I’m excited to finally bring you this shoot. Thanks so much to R for allowing us to share her images!

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