Let’s Talk Bodysuits

Let's Talk Bodysuits

There are so many beautiful pieces of lingerie out there, but no item works as well for different body types as a bodysuit.  There are so many different styles, colours, patterns and fits out there right now.  Every woman should be able to find something that makes her feel great.

I have put together this blog post to help you choose a bodysuit that suits you best.  It isn’t a comprehensive catalogue, but I hope it inspires you to seek out a bodysuit that gives you a confidence boost.

Long Sleeves

Long-sleeved bodysuits are super elegant.  They draw attention to your décolletage and shoulders, as well as your legs.  If you are worried about showing your arms, bodysuits with long sleeves can offer a beautiful solution.  These bodysuits are great for all body types.  One thing to remember, though, is that they often lack under-bust support, so ladies with larger cup sizes may find it difficult to keep everything in place.  In photos, though, it doesn’t really matter because we can deal with that in posing.

Simple, bathing suit style

Some of the best bodysuits for boudoir are simple, everyday-wear suits that you can find at stores like Ardene.  They typically offer decent support with two solid straps.  You can find these simple bodysuits everywhere and in many different patterns and textures.  Also, most of these bodysuits are modest enough to be worn with a pair of jeans.

Plunging Neckline

A halter-style plunging neckline can be an extremely dramatic bodysuit style.  I find these work best for women with A-C cup bust sizes.  In fact, if you are like me and have a smaller bust, a plunging neckline is the way to go because it can look both sexy and elegant.  Avoid this style if you have a D-cup or larger because halter tops can pull your breasts down toward your tummy.

High Neckline

I absolutely love the look of high neckline bodysuits.  They have a high-class feel and can be made less “modest” by revealing bodylines through sheer fabrics, which elevates the sense of mystery and sensuality.  Anyone can wear this style, but it works especially well for women with smaller busts.

Back and Bottom

Bodysuits are not just about showing off the front of you.  Many of them are designed to highlight your back, butt and legs.  You’ll find some bodysuits high-cut at the hips, which is a good way to make legs appear longer.  Others will have interesting cuts in the back to emphasize the narrowest part of the waist.  You can also find bum-less pieces that are all about the booty.  These tend to cover the crotch, while leaving the butt exposed.  These are great for boudoir but avoid “crotchless” outfits when having your photo taken.

Underwire/Bust Support Options

Bodysuits with built-in underwire cups are great for support and creating nice cleavage; however, if you are larger than a C-cup, it will be hard to find a bodysuit with the proper-sized cup.  If you are a D-cup or bigger, find a bodysuit with a seam built into the suit just under the bustline with no defined cups.  See the third picture in this set for an example.

Interesting Cuts

Many bodysuits have interesting cuts, designed to emphasize certain elements of the female body over others.  If you are shy about some parts of your torso, you can usually find a bodysuit to underemphasize one part and draw attention to another.

Simple Cuts, Elegant Designs

Sometimes the sexiest outfits are the ones that leave a little up to the imagination.  Both of the bodysuits below are modest cuts, but they draw your eye with interesting lace and sheer designs.

Different textures

So often when shopping for lingerie, we are drawn to colours and cuts.  Textures, however, are equally powerful.  The lace patterns and strap placements in lingerie are getting more and more creative.  Pay attention to the way certain textures and patterns draw your eye and make you see your body.

I hope this has been helpful to you!  If you have any questions, feel free to email me at info@decoroportraits.com!

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