Life’s too short

It is really easy to let your life feel dull and ordinary.

I was thinking about this as Christmas finished, and now as Valentine’s Day is on the horizon.  Christmas can seem really crazy – there are so many things to do and expectations about how to spend time with friends and family.  When it’s over, it can take a somewhat large chunk of time to recover. If you’re like me, you ask yourself, “Was it worth it?”

And now, as we are hearing advertisements for Valentine’s Day, people are protesting like they do every year: “It’s just a commercial holiday, designed by businesses to make money,” and, “I don’t need to wait for a holiday to express my love.”

Trust me, I do relate to these feelings.  No one likes to feel manipulated or coerced into thinking or feeling a certain way.  But I wonder if we miss out a little bit when we get too rebellious.

Sometimes, to make our moments more meaningful, it’s so good to interrupt the regular flow of life.  Sure, Christmas could be less stressful if we didn’t buy gifts, and make a big meal, and have our whole family in one place.  Valentine’s Day could be just another Thursday to do laundry and pay the bills.  But sometimes less fuss means fewer memories, and fewer memories make for a much less interesting life. To put it another way: life’s too short!

I decided to share only black and white photos from this session. When you take out some of the detail (in this case, the colour), you notice things you wouldn’t otherwise.  Sometimes to see more, you have to see less.  Thanks so much to B for allowing us to share her beautiful photos with you.


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