Magical Objects

Our next door neighbour recently bought an antique MG.  I have never been a car person.  The less I can spend on vehicles and still have reliability, the better.  And I’ve never really understood the appeal of a fancy car until this little MG showed up. 

The instant this car arrived, it began to collect people.  Now, granted, my neighbour is a well-known, well-loved business owner in town, so he does that anyway.  But, this car enhanced the magic.  

As it drives along, people stop and stare.  They smile and their eyes light up.  When it’s parked in the driveway, random people stop by to talk to our neighbour about the car.  We even get old dudes from car clubs knocking on our door to ask about this beautiful machine.

After a few weeks of this, I realized that the magic of the MG is not really about the car, but about how it brings people together.  It connects complete strangers through beauty, nostalgia and novelty.  In the middle of our mundane busyness, it inspires an emotional response.  It helps people live a deep moment in the midst of all the shallow ones that clutter our lives.  It really is a magical object.

The photo shoot I’m profiling today contains similar magic.  This beautiful lady brought in both her motorcycle, as well as her husband’s.  These machines allow them to go on road trips together – giving them an activity that they can share.  The machines are also beautiful and inspire a bit of love and devotion.  

Photos are also magical objects in the same vein.  They inspire feelings and connection in unexpected ways.  They create a deeper experience of life.  There is no object or possession more valuable than one that does that.

Thanks so much to S for allowing us to share these magical photos with you!

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