I have been on a real self-improvement kick lately.  I listened to a book on sleep, one on depression, and I am currently reading one on habits.  Over the course of this reading, I have begun to try and change some long-established habits.  It has been extremely hard.  I begin something and then fall off the wagon in a couple of days, or I stop caring about whatever goal I’ve set when I get tired or stressed.  This process is familiar to all of us in one way or another, and success is elusive.

But, to give us all hope, I have a story about a client of ours who set her goal and surpassed it.  Three years ago, the beautiful lady you see in these pictures was one hundred pounds heavier than she is right now.  She said that it was so easy to do nothing – to sit on the couch in comfort after working all day.  She had fallen into a pattern of inactivity.  Then, one day at the waterpark with her kids, she realized that she could not keep up with them – not in her current state of fitness.  In that moment, she decided that things were going to change.

Her first step was to join Weight Watchers, and after some time in that program, she began to see change.  She also realized that she had learned some valuable lessons about how and what to eat in order to be healthy.  Even when she quit the program, she was able to take her new skills and continue to apply them without the direction of the program.  She also began to move – nothing too revolutionary – just daily walks.  The scale continued to drop.

Now, three years later, ready to celebrate, she took a risk and came in for a boudoir shoot.  This is a small sample of her photos.  I hope that when you look at them you are inspired by her commitment and tenacity.  And I hope, like her, that I find my reason for change – a motivation so compelling that it pushes me through my slip-ups and my moments of doubt and apathy.  Thank you for sharing your journey with us, S!

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