What do you do to make life denser?  How do you take ordinary moments and make them more meaningful, more fun, more… I don’t know….MORE?

I hate the idea of just drifting through life.  It’s true that I do like to have control of my situation – that’s just my personality and not everyone is like that.  Maybe just drifting through life, and taking it as it comes, would be more interesting and rich.  Maybe I should try it…

In the meantime, I like to come up with lists for making life more interesting (which for actual interesting people probably seems ridiculous).  Nevertheless, we work with what we have.  So here are some ways that I make my life more meaningful:

  1. I set goals.  I have repeating daily goals that I want to turn into habits.  I also have weekly goals, monthly goals, and one-off goals for the year.  I post those goals where I can see them every day.  I also try not to beat myself up if I am not meeting those goals.  I try to think about why I’m not meeting them and sometimes I adjust my methods, and sometimes I ignore the goal.  The point is, I just want to feel like I’m moving in an intentional direction, and not stumbling all over the road like a drunkard.
  2. I invite people over to my house for dinner or Book Club or coffee at least once a week.  I think that relationships are the most important thing in life and that they don’t happen if I don’t make them a priority.  And for me, to make things priorities, they have to go in my calendar.  Once something is in my calendar, it will happen.  Things that aren’t scheduled most likely won’t happen – at least not consistently.
  3. I read and listen to a ton of books.  I want to know more about the world.  I want to take advantage of other people’s learning.  I want to experience human creativity.  Of course, the danger in this is that I don’t live my own life because I’m reading too much – there is a dark side to everything!

What do you do to make life denser and more meaningful? I’d love to hear from you!  Send me an email (info@decoroportraits.com) with the subject line “Meaningful”.

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