No Gown Needed

Recently, I had to go in for a mammogram. While I was sitting in the waiting area, I came across this sign:

It cracked me up because it felt like the twilight zone version of Decoro. “Welcome to Decoro – outer garments unnecessary”. From that point on, I felt like I was in a parallel boudoir universe – like I was walking through a house of mirrors. There were so many things like boudoir, but also totally different.

I think the biggest parallel was the sense that there was nothing weird or unnatural about my body (except, of course, that they were actually looking for unnatural things in my body). Every single human being has nipples, and the technician was used to seeing them. Breasts are, in fact, regular body parts – like an arm or a foot or a belly. And a fact that seems to startle the general public, EVERYONE HAS NIPPLES. Everyone – including men and children. Why women are the only ones who feel like they must hide theirs, as if they are dangerous or “unwholesome”, seems so irrational to me. Especially when you consider that doctors, boudoir photographers, mammogram techs, physiotherapists, etc., manage to treat breasts with professional respect, and aren’t sexually tempted by them.

I think the wonderful thing about an experience like a mammogram, and about boudoir, is that they put the naked human form in its proper place. They don’t allow it to hide in the shadows and become something to be ashamed of. They remind us that everyone has a body, and that every body is beautiful because it belongs to a human being. And every human being is valuable and worthy of being celebrated, noticed, and cared for.

I have chosen some images from a shoot that we did a couple of months ago, because the beautiful lady featured did the shoot for herself. She wanted to celebrate her feminity. That represents so much confidence and personal acceptance – and it really reflects what we are trying to draw out of people in every shoot we do.

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