No Joke

No Joke

Most of our clients leave our studio saying, “That was really fun!  I had such a great time!”  We find that hilarious because we are more like fitness trainers than we are like spa professionals.  We are always telling our clients to booty pop a little bit more, to stand a little higher on their toes, to push their shoulders down and to stretch their necks.  Just like after a workout, most of our clients are SORE so when they thank us for such a fun experience, we are thinking, “Just wait until tomorrow – you might not thank us then 😬”

But our clients do thank us despite the physical strain we put on their bodies.  Doing something hard is more fun than doing something you didn’t have to earn.  A boudoir shoot is all about seeing yourself differently and you can’t do that by doing what you always do.  It is rewarding because you have to make a commitment to yourself (and to us) and see it through, you have to invest in it by purchasing clothes and eventually photos, you have to let go of your insecurities and trust the process, and you have to booty pop until your back rebels against you.  It’s no joke, but it is wicked fun.


I am really looking forward to sharing these beautiful photos with you.  This lovely lady is reconnecting with herself, like a lot of us in our late thirties and early forties.  Learning to look at yourself with appreciation and respect takes time and energy, but it is worth it.  I hope you enjoy her pictures and thanks to A for letting us share them!

Nervous about doing a shoot?  Concerned about the investment?  Most of our clients are!  Set up a phone consultation so that we can share our solutions for getting the most amazing photos of your life!