One life, many stories

Sometimes I trick myself into believing that life is static.  I think about my body, and my family, and my job as stable elements.  But we are changing constantly – sometimes incrementally, like with the crows’ feet gathering around our eyes, and sometimes suddenly, like with the birth of a child or the death of a loved one.

Even though change can be so scary, it can also bring about so many amazing things.  Knowing that life can and does change is such a hopeful thought.  You know that hard times won’t last forever and that there is always something new to discover about yourself and the world.  Sure, change takes guts to face, but a little bit of courage can take you a long way.

The beautiful woman in these photographs just started a new chapter of her life last year when she got married.  Chatting with her about her new life just made me realize how full and rich life can be – and how many different stories can be wrapped up in one life.  Thanks so much to L for allowing us to share her pictures and a little bit of her life with all of you!

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